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Greater Accuracy and Productivity Gains with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One vs In-Person Scribes

Ambulatory medical practices are constantly dealing with the ever-changing government and insurance regulations, which are sapping their time reservoirs. We hear consistently from our healthcare partners that close to 20 hours a week is dedicated to administrative tasks like patient documentation and review.

Practices that have implemented EHRs are saying these are a necessity to running a successful and efficient ambulatory practice, and that the technology has been a pivotal point in helping healthcare providers streamline their processes, while working to improve overall patient care and practice productivity. With the evolution of physician documentation moving from typing to using voice to document, previously used support options such as transcription and in-person scribes are no longer the most efficient. For many years these types of support services were invaluable to physicians as they allowed office staff to focus on other administrative tasks.

With the entry of AI powered technology, most of today’s EHR solutions pair seamlessly with cloud-based speech recognition solutions like Dragon Medical One (DMO). DMO offers complete front and backend transcription, allowing the physician to use his own voice to document patient notes directly into their chosen EHR. This process has proven to vastly improve efficiency as it relates to office workflows, treatment plans, communication, and timely insurance reimbursement. 

We’ve listed just a few bullets that highlight why using in-person scribes is not as efficient as implementing a cloud-based speech recognition solution like Dragon Medical One:

➢    In-person Scribes have a higher cost - as you are employing scribes vs using your own voice to immediately document in your EHR

➢    In-person Scribes have limited availability - as they are usually present at your location during specific hours and not necessarily aligning with your needs

➢    In-person Scribes are not present in the exam room - as having them in the room with the HIPAA and spatial constraints may affect the overall patient experience

➢    In-person Scribes require constant training and are sensitive to human turnover - which can be costly and reduces efficiency as new scribes may be too resource-intensive for most independent healthcare practices

Why Dragon Medical One is MORE EFFICIENT than using an In-person Scribe:

➢    Streamline your workflow - by using your own voice to document immediately into your EHR

➢    Create a rich detailed and accurate note - by using your own voice that doesn’t need backend transcription or in-person scribes

➢    Automating tasks and other administrative items - are made easier when using your own voice to navigate within and outside of your EHR 

➢    Increase productivity - by capturing the complete patient story in less time at the office, at home, or on the go with a hands-free documentation solution that keeps up with you

➢    Focused patient care - is a reality, as you can give your patients more of your attention by capturing your notes using your voice instead of endless typing on a computer 

We know that HIPAA-compliant and secure speech recognition is a more advanced solution and Dragon Medical One (DMO) proves that in-person scribing is no longer the most efficient way to document those patient encounters.

Let us help you improve your practice productivity and see a better ROI from your EHR with Dragon Medical One. Please reach out to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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