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How Speech Recognition Technology Gives Physicians More Time To Focus On Patient Care

Updated: May 1, 2023

Shorten The Time Spent Documenting Patient Encounters

Physicians want to spend most of their time caring for patients. But with all of the other whirlwind activities vying for their time, including documentation, those patient encounters may be shorter than they should be. Rarely do we hear of a physician who wouldn’t want to shorten their time spent typing patient notes. That is where speech recognition can help.

By using the power of your own voice, you can decrease the amount of time spent typing notes and those patient encounters by a very significant amount. We have physicians who are saving over 2 hours a day by using one of our provided solutions.

One of our solutions comes in the form of a very intuitive software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition, which allows a physician to download the software, create a voice profile and start typing right into your EHR - out of the box. The product creates documentation that is already over 95% accurate from the first use, then, as you continue to use it, the software “learns” the way you speak and becomes even more accurate over time.

We could go on and on about how many times we hear from a Dragon Medical users that say they don’t even need to use their keyboard when documenting patient notes. They now simply use their voice, and their favorite microphone, to open up their EHR and start speaking. It really is that easy.

Why not let our team review your workflow and see how we can help you implement speech recognition into your medical practice? After all, it’s why they call us “The Dragon Experts”.

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