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How to Effectively Meet the Needs of an Aging Population

Today’s healthcare environment is complex, has many challenges, and has become more data dependent. Medical offices may be understaffed, and medical professionals overworked. One of the challenges all practices face is managing the vast amount of patient data, a more significant task for the thousands of independent ambulatory practices who focus on geriatric care.

As the population ages, the need for frequent healthcare visits increases, adding to the documentation requirements of an already overwhelmed physician and clinician staff. More tests are needed, additional prescriptions to be filled, preventative care visits increase, and the documentation and insurance submissions get more complex and expansive as we age. Practice managers need to ensure their physicians have adequate access to the tools and technology to provide the highest level of quality care, along with effectively using the resources available to them to improve the health outcomes.

Most of today’s practices utilize an EHR to assist in the operation of their office, it’s commonplace today, but using it to its fullest potential can lead to an increase in needed practice productivity. Using a hands-free speech recognition solution such as Dragon Medical One (DMO) managed by your own natural voice, can reduce the amount of stressful (and time-consuming) typing. DMO uses artificial intelligence (AI) and when added in the right place in your clinical workflow, can utilize the most commonly used templates and shortcuts within your EHR.

A 2022 survey showed that 25% of geriatric healthcare spending originated from additional required administrative activities, such as billing, scheduling, reporting, and insurance filing.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a positive impact on healthcare delivery and practice administration. Using platforms and programs like your EHR and other tools that include innovative AI technology can make those simple, repetitive tasks such as patient intake, scheduling, telemedicine, and face-to-face visits more efficient. Reducing the time spent documenting allows your staff to concentrate on more complex patient issues, saving both time and financial resources and can lessen the burden on your already overwhelmed staff.

Named the #1 Best in KLAS medical speech recognition solution for two consecutive years, Dragon Medical One is used by thousands of medical professionals. It's AI technology makes it easier to treat and manage the increase in elderly patients by:

  • Completing repetitive administrative tasks faster

  • Using the data from previous office visits to assist in current treatment plans

  • Creating a more detailed and accurate note with the EHR right at the point of care

  • Allowing the physician and patient a more enhanced and impactful office experience

  • Documenting with more flexibility both in and out of the office using the PowerMic Mobile app on your smartphone

Speech recognition solutions using AI technology can increase the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your chosen EHR system. When implemented into your clinical workflow, AI-powered Dragon Medical One can save your practice hundreds of hours in patient documentation - on average 40 hours per month, per physician. DMO's next‑level architecture and capabilities support you and your physicians, from pre‑charting through post‑encounter documentation.

As a result of using DMO, many healthcare organizations are enjoying higher productivity and satisfaction, superior performance against benchmarks, and better clinical outcomes for their patients - which is always the goal.

Our team of solution specialists can help independent medical practices like yours become more efficient and ensure more time is available for meeting the needs and treating the ever-increasing aging population.

Reach out today and try DMO for free to conduct your own proof of concept. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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