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How to Optimize Your Healthcare Workflow using Medical Speech Recognition

Your healthcare practice is unique with its own set of challenges from effective scheduling of patient visits to a clear communication channel with your staff and patients. Your team needs to stay connected to help make critical decisions from the pathway to decide on a treatment plan, to the complete documentation note of a patient’s visit (and everything in between). Workflows can vary from clinician to clinician, and even the most complex workflows that may seem highly efficient include areas that can always be optimized.

Clinical documentation management is one of the biggest time consuming tasks for medical practices, so making sure you have the right end-to-end EHR management solution is crucial. Your EHR system should include everything you need to effectively manage critical patient documents. Your documents must be managed and organized in a way that makes them easy for you, your staff, and your patients to access, while being fully HIPAA-compliant.

Speech recognition technology can have a large impact on healthcare workflow management. When integrated with EHR/clinical documentation systems, speech recognition allows clinicians to accurately document information more efficiently at the point of care and ensures clinical documentation integrity.

Problems arise when these channels are not optimized, causing a multitude of issues. Implementing a speech recognition solution that understands medical terminology and is 99% accurate is very beneficial for busy ambulatory practices.

Optimizing your workflow can include using your chosen EHR at a higher level and pairing with a speech recognition solution like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), which is recommended and used by thousands of physicians every day. When you use the power of your own voice, the distraction of typing notes into the EHR are eliminated or greatly reduced (based on your EHR solution), giving you more time to focus on the interaction with your patient. Leveraging the shortcuts and commands within your EHR is even easier to access with DMO and paired compatible tools built to help you become more efficient and save up to 2 hours a day in documentation processes.

Outside of tremendous, and proven time savings, DMO placed in the most critical place in your workflow will also help to mitigate issues with:

Communication Snags arising from Documentation Errors

Patient Prescription Refills

Billing and Insurance Reimbursement

Giving you and your staff more time back in your day to:

Care for more patients

Increase the quality quotient of visit care and outcomes

Ease the burden of patient auditing and record-keeping

Provide enhanced flexibility within your staff’s duties

Analyzing and improving your workflow will help avoid many efficiency issues at your practice. It empowers your staff to provide better patient care more efficiently and at a decreased cost.

Quality patient care is always the end goal for any medical practice.

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