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How Updates to HIPAA Security Rules Affect Medical Practice Operations

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules currently in effect have limited uses and disclosures for the protection of health information of patients. Along with these protections, the current rules set a minimum security standard for said records. While needed and effective at the time they were enacted, there have been very few changes to the HIPAA laws since that time (2013 was the last update). Various issues have arisen with HIPAA due to changes in practices, along with all the advancements in various technologies that deal with healthcare. (HIPAA Journal).

No updates to the HIPAA took place last year (2021), but legislation had been introduced that addresses several areas, including cybersecurity, patient’s access to their data, as well as HIPAA enforcement. While no date has been set for this new legislation, getting prepared now will save your practice time once the new changes take effect.

Updates to the new HIPAA Security Rule reveal best security practices, which include discouraging the use of unsupported software. A medical practice using software with no security updates will pose great security risks, which could be considered a HIPAA violation. If your practice is still using an unsupported legacy version of Nuance® Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you should consider upgrading to the HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solution, Nuance Dragon Medical One, which ensures automatic updates via secure Microsoft™ Azure servers. Dragon® Medical One (DMO) is the most advanced speech recognition solution developed specifically for use within the healthcare industry, and it is being used for thousands of physicians today. Key implementations built into the software address many security concerns such as:

  • Automatic software updates - to comply with the current healthcare rules and regulations

  • Industry-leading architecture - as a HITRUST CSF-certified solution

  • Built for use with EHRs - to ensure HIPAA compliance, and seamless support for both browser and web-based EHRs

Keep your practice ahead of HIPAA security rules by registering for our informative webinar on May 18 that will be presented by Michael McCoy, a Senior HIPAA Security Expert. Michael will focus not only on these new updates to the HIPAA Security Rule, but also on Blocking Regulations, and the No Surprises Act. These new laws and guidance will substantially change the way medical practices perform their daily responsibilities and interact with patients. Our webinar will review these new regulations and offer suggestions on how to navigate and implement these necessary changes.

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