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Join 1st-Dragon/CME at ACVIM 2023 on June 15 & 16

We are excited to continue to support our veterinary clients at the 40th Annual ACVIM Conference held this year in Philadelphia. Our team works closely with many veterinarians that are affiliated with ACVIM. While our veterinary clients tend to be splitting their practice time treating large and small animals both in their office and out in the field, they need solutions to stay productive wherever they are.

We hear from the specialists who focus on various verticals including internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, nutrition, oncology, and small animal internal medicine, that the amount of time left in their week decreases with the yearly increase in patients. This uptake in charting makes for the largest amount of time taken up on a daily basis. We recommend our clients implement one of our most effective productivity solutions, Nuance Dragon Medical One, a front-end speech recognition documenting solution that assists veterinarians to dictate and CHART up to 45% faster than typing and with 99% accuracy to streamline their patient documentation.

We hear from our clients about how implementing speech recognition has helped their veterinary practice save time and run more efficiently – so we have highlighted a few benefits veterinary professionals are experiencing:

  • Veterinarians are gaining back valuable time in their work week previously spent charting

  • Practices are able to increase the amount of patients they see

  • Workflows are more efficient within their practice management software with many relaying they are seeing higher revenues

Using Dragon Medical One at the right place in your practice’s workflow helps your practice and ensures your charting workflows are running more efficiently. Why not consider updating your current documentation process by implementing Dragon Medical One today.

Attending ACVIM 2023 in person?

Please take the time to stop by our Booth #636 at the ACVIM Forum next week and let our specialists show you how speaking vs typing will elevate your charting process! When at our booth, be sure to enter our raffle for a chance to win prizes! Click HERE to schedule a time to chat with us in person during the event. Looking forward to connecting both in-person and virtually at the 40th anniversary of ACVIM! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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