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Keeping the Essential Lines of Communication Open with a HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Platform

As we continue the process of reopening the country post Covid-19, keeping the lines of communication open within your medical practice are essential. There still may be a significant amount of confusion and uncertainty regarding CDC guidelines and how they affect your office staff and your patients. Implementing a whole-practice communication platform can be beneficial, and potentially save numerous staff hours of non-productive time.

Our team of solution specialists work daily with medical practices across the country - each one of them unique, preferring a specific EHR, and their own clinical workflows. When we sought out a messaging platform to offer to our physician clients, we needed to find one that checked off all the boxes. Our requirements included: compatibility with most (if not all) major EHRs in the space, customizable for each practice’s workflows, consideration of the whole practice, expansive potential to take advantage of telehealth, and most importantly, compliance with HIPAA guidelines. We highly recommend the telehealth solution platform we found, and it is currently helping hundreds of practices get and stay productive.

Our customizable EHR friendly telehealth solution platform helps your medical office keep the lines of communication open no matter where you are. The solution simplifies communication by reducing calls, securely sharing pertinent patient information, and automating repetitive workflows in your practice. Other beneficial features of the platform that help you stay productive using your EHR include:

Fully FHIR-compliant EHR/EMR integration for our secure messaging application, including authentication, practice and patient lookup, as well as the storage of text, media and attachments

EHR/EMR convenience and easy to upload secure text conversations and attachments to a patient record inside the EMR without leaving the messaging platform

High Mobility to keep all internal and external users in communication, no matter where they are working

Streamlines internal and external communication to simplify workflows

Pushes important clinical information from the mobile platform into the patient record for smoother workflows and more consistent document management

Check out our webinar with a LIVE demo of our recommended telehealth solution platform used within an EHR. Reach out to one of our Solution Specialists via the details below if you would like more information.

Simpler whole office communication is just one call away! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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