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Let HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Help Increase Patient Satisfaction Within Your Medical Practice

With most people having access to a mobile phone, and a majority owning a smartphone, text messages are fast becoming the number one communication stream for just about everyone. Individuals and businesses use traditional SMS (short message service) to communicate daily. In fact, a recent poll indicated that texting is the preferred form of communication for Americans under the age of 50 - now that’s significant. It’s not surprising to learn that 80% of patients prefer to text with their physician’s office. Traditional texting is fast, easy and efficient; however, it is NOT secure. HIPAA compliant and secure communication are required by law, so if you want to provide a more satisfying experience for your patients, you need a messaging platform that is fast, easy, efficient, AND secure. We have a solution that checks off all those items, IM Your Doc.

I am sure you will agree that people feel more confident and satisfied with a relationship when they have good engagement and communication. The same concept is true for the patient and physician relationship, good communication and engagement. Your patients each have unique treatment plans, situations and concerns.

“Some of the most common patient interactions

can be easily addressed within a secure text message”

Use the HIPAA compliant, secure messaging platform to reach out to your patients for:

Prescription refills - patients can send a secure image of their medication bottle via IM Your Doc to your office for a quick refill request

Appointment reminders - send your patients a reminder of upcoming appointments to lower the no-show rate

Billing questions - easily answer a patient’s question about a bill or insurance form

Checking in on test results - provide your patients with test results via the secure IM Your Doc platform

Even one of these areas could go far in improving your practice’s communication with your patients - leading to a higher level of satisfaction overall.

Reach out to one of our team members today to learn more about how this easy and effective HIPAA compliant messaging platform can help your medical practice increase your patient’s satisfaction today! 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324


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