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Maximizing Clinical Workflows in Behavioral Health Practices

As a behavioral healthcare provider, you are experiencing firsthand how the healthcare landscape continues to change and evolve - with extreme rapidity. You traverse through many avenues and challenges dealing with multiple compliance conditions regarding HIPAA, updated ICD-10, as well as other healthcare legislation requirements. These requirements have many varying levels of priorities, which can be a daunting task.

You may be concerned that you have established the right EHR or practice management software solution (and rightly so), that will help you comply and meet all established deadlines. Whether you are part of a healthcare system, independent rehab facility or private practice, expansive patient documentation is necessary for effective treatment for a positive long term outcome. Since Behavioral Health practices are seeing more patients than ever before in history (National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey 2019), it is critical that you spend time actually treating your patients than executing administrative tasks.

Your EHR is a valuable part of your clinical workflow, so finding ways to maximize those workflows will enhance your behavioral health practice and increase your productivity. Within your EHR resides many opportunities to customize and integrate a solution that will help you save time on administrative tasks and give you more time back into your day to spend treating your patients.

Implementing a smart cloud-based documentation solution into your current clinical workflow will allow you and your behavioral health specialists to create standardized “shortcuts” within your EHR to enable you to document right at the point of care, without missing any relevant information within the treatment environment. Added to that, effective digital medical documentation using a solution that is powered by today’s best AI (artificial intelligence) can provide a useful trail showing exactly where your patients begin their treatment, provide insights into their specific symptoms, and show where they are within their treatment journey. Accurate, rich patient notes can help you provide that high quality treatment for your patients.

We find that our ambulatory physician and clinician clients have benefited greatly by adding our recommended An AI-powered cloud-based solution Nuance® Dragon® Medical One. The solution can be customized to create shortcuts and templates that are easy to use with your current clinical workflow to reduce the amount of time you spend with repetitive language when documenting. Clinicians produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content with 99% accuracy when using a speech recognition solution built specifically for critical medical professionals like mental health professionals. You can create a more specific and highly optimized note that will eventually yield a richer narrative and improve overall profitability and faster insurance reimbursements.

Reach out to our team of solution specialists today and let them show you how to improve outcomes in outpatient and inpatient settings using a cloud-based conversational documentation solution. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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