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Medical Office Hacks for Higher Practice Productivity Using Healthcare Technology

Use New Technology To Be Successful in 2020

Approaching the new year with a sharp focus, clear goals, and a few smart “hacks” will help you build a more productive medical office. We all want to be more organized, that’s why having a plan will help to ensure you hit your goals. One of our top productivity shortcuts, or hacks, revolves around an everyday medical office task, documentation. We show our clients how to save hours a day typing their documentation, by using their voice to execute those same tasks.

It would not surprise you to know that, a medical office puts out thousands of pages of documentation daily, from inter-office communication to documenting patient notes inside your EHR. Another point worthy of sharing, is that many physicians and clinicians document up to 6 hours per day inside their EHR, making it one of the most draining on their time.

Another medical office hack we suggest for our clients, who choose to implement medical speech recognition, is creating a command list within your Nuance Dragon Medical One profile to be used with your EHR. By creating a list of shortcuts, or commands, you can shave even more time off of your patient notes. If you need assistance in this task, contact our Solution Specialists and inquire about our “SuperUser Customization Feature”.

A great overall productivity hack is using the features within your Windows-based platform, Outlook. The calendar feature sends reminders to your chosen device, to keep you on task. Outlook also can be used with your Dragon Medical One solution to expand further on time savings.

Let us help you be more productive in 2020 and beyond, by introducing you to our suite of productivity devices and solutions. Schedule a live demo or meet us onsite at one of our user conferences this year!


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