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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Garners #1 Best In KLAS for Third Consecutive Year

Nuance Communications, a Microsoft™ company, the innovative technology pioneer in conversational AI and ambient intelligence, and creator of the number one medical speech recognition solution Dragon Medical One (DMO), has once again garnered the #1 Best in KLAS market leader ranking for Front-End EMR software solutions, for the third consecutive year!

The 2023 Best in KLAS report ranks top-performing healthcare IT vendors across a set of categories that include: functionality, vendor relationship and support, implementation and training, and ROI. According to Adam Gale, President of KLAS, “the distinguished winners of this year’s KLAS, have demonstrated exceptional dedication to improving and innovating for healthcare, and their efforts are recognized through their inclusion in this report.”

Nuance offers a companion suite of products that provide a full-service partnership with today’s medical community. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of independent ambulatory physicians, AI-enabled Dragon Medical One is helping physicians and clinicians, isolate and identify patients who may require additional attention and develop a treatment protocol for each individual.

Dragon Medical One technology is set apart from other similar solutions in the market as a unique combination of deeply integrated solutions, cutting-edge AI, and extensive healthcare expertise.

See how the solution is highlighted and recommended by our clients and customers:

★ “DMO technology is robust, accurate, and saves hours of typing by the use of my voice”

★ “The solution is keeping up-to-date with the trends from a technology perspective and staying on top of those trends”

★ “Voice recognition quality is extremely high”

★ “DMO has been a game changer for me and our providers”

★ “System is easy to use, and I am able to accurately categorize what I did and see clearly how complete the medical record is”

★ “DMO has proven a positive outcome with expedited patient care, which is exactly what we are looking for”

AI technology has been highly used for over a decade in various healthcare environments and has been proven to reduce the clinician’s burden and increase their efficiency. By the use of recording digital patient notes with Dragon Medical One, optimizing operational processes, and automating repetitive tasks, many of today’s AI-enabled software applications are helping ambulatory care physicians isolate and identify patients who may require additional attention and develop a treatment protocol for each individual.

Contact one of our Solution Specialists to learn more about the 2023 #1 Best in KLAS top conversational AI Speech Recognition Solution for front-end EHR usage, and keep up with the trends of today’s innovative tools and technology! Let us help get you started with a FREE 7-day Trial of Dragon Medical One to conduct your own proof of concept with your EHR. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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