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Orthopaedic Practice and Nuance® Dragon® Medical One - Perfect Alignment to Practice Productivity

We ask our physician clients regularly what two facets of their practice concern them the most, what keeps them up at night. Inevitably, and with a high percentage of agreement, providing high-quality patient care and needing more time, top the list. While it is quite understandable that the two intertwine, as you need to use the latter to execute the former, the amount of time needed is always more than is available.

In your very demanding medical vertical of orthopaedics, and with your ever-increasing volume of patients (many from the aging population) needing your specific services, what can you and your staff do to see more patients AND still provide that high-quality of care? We believe we have a solution that can help you save some of that valuable commodity of time, giving you more time with your patients. Our solution is as simple as using the power of your voice.

Our recommended cloud-based, clinical speech recognition solution, Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One can help your practice streamline your documentation, giving you back some extra time in your day. By implementing this solution into your practice’s clinical workflow, you will be using your voice (vs typing) to dictate your patient encounters right into your practice’s EHR, producing documentation up to 45% faster. You will be capturing content with your voice, that has been tested to be 20% more relevant than typing, and up to 99% accurate with the very first use. With that extra time, you can then plug that right back into your patients, by giving them more time with their appointment, and providing a more comprehensive treatment overall.

By adding our recommended solution, you won’t have to write or type notes when you are with your patients, as you can document with your voice, and keep your focus on providing that high-quality care for them.

Catch up with our team at one of the upcoming conferences, and let them show you all of the other productivity tools and devices that can help you be mobile and even more efficient. To set up a call or a meeting, reach out via email or phone below. or 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280


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