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Orthopaedic Practices Benefit from Cloud-Based Solutions in a Virtual Environment

The current state of the health crisis here in the U.S. has placed a huge burden on physicians and medical practices. Adding new patients weekly to a practice in addition to finding alternative ways to effectively treat those patients can be a challenging task. With social distancing guidelines that limit face to face visits and the halting of "elective surgeries" to reduce the potential risk of exposure to Covid-19, access to patients has become difficult. However, the duty to provide care to patients is still a priority and cannot be limited.

As many orthopaedic physicians treat the elderly, modifications are needed on how they are treating their patients. Most orthopaedic practices use an EHR with their workflow but we are finding that many busy medical practices are also looking to cloud-based solutions and virtual platforms for conducting patient visits in lieu of in-office visits. The ease of using and implementing a virtual solution into clinical workflows make these types of platforms a good fit during this health crisis and beyond.

To further enhance these virtual visits and save time when documenting the patient encounters in your EHR, consider adding an AI-powered (artificial intelligence) medical speech recognition solution, like Nuance® Dragon Medical One, to your clinical workflow. On average, you can save two hours for every hour you document, when using Dragon Medical One.

You can also leverage the deep learning capabilities built into the solution to generate accurate HIPAA-compliant and secure SOAP notes, and other documentation right within your EHR - all while conducting your virtual patient visit.

As we all learn to adapt to a social distancing stance, productivity does not need to be compromised. By using a speech recognition solution, like Dragon Medical One, you will be increasing your productivity so you can leverage that extra time to see more patients virtually.

We were excited to be a part of the first AAOE Virtual Conference this past week, and as a long-time vendor partner of AAOE, we are here to support you in any way we can.

Please reach out to our solutions specialist team today and let us show you all the productivity tools we have to help you navigate and succeed while supporting your patients virtually. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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