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Pediatric Practice Managers are Positioned for Higher Practice Productivity with Speech Recognition

We had an amazing opportunity earlier this month to make new connections and engage with our Pediatric clients at the PMI Conference in Houston. So much is happening in today’s pediatric space, and we hope the lectures, case studies, and networking events you attended at this year’s conference will help you strengthen your pediatric practices across the country. We know many of the breakout sessions had at their core, a focus on leading through change: changes in staffing, government guidelines, levels of patient engagement, and technology.

EMRs are part of the advancement process of today’s medical technology, so when the R&D manufacturers create new technologies for healthcare, they know practices use EMRs to improve their efficiency and performance. EMRs can benefit pediatric practices by improving coordinated care, tracking chronic conditions over time, and reducing prescription mistakes. Other enhancements of EMRs allow for embedded alerts, customization of a structured note, and pairing with speech recognition software for a more accurate pediatric note.

With the many enhancements and advances in today’s cloud-based technology, such as using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict outcomes, the best speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO) utilizes that AI technology. With its next‑level architecture, it surrounds you and your staff with much needed support, from pre‑charting through your post‑encounter patient documentation. A few of the benefits of using DMO within your pediatric EHR:

OFFERS Limitless Productivity – that give the user the ability to speak freely and as much as they like with NO per-device limits keeping clinicians highly productive

IS HIGHLY Scalable – Dragon Medical One is scalable so it can grow with your pediatric organization and offers web-based central management

OFFERS Budget-Friendly Pricing – as DMO has a cloud-based and affordable subscription-based model so there’s little up-front capital investment for your practice

IS iOS and Smartphone Compatible – with the Smartphone Compatible App available via the App Store and Google Play store and iOS and Android compatible simplifying the documentation process for your busy pediatricians

As a resource for your pediatric focused practice, our team of experienced cloud solution strategists are ready to answer your questions. Let us help get you started with a FREE 7-day trial of Dragon Medical One, ranked #1 Best in KLAS for three consecutive years! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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