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Preserving Patient Care Through Business Continuity Planning

Medical practices are one of the busiest industries in today’s market. The day-to-day operations such as patient visits, revenue cycle management, essential healthcare, and utilizing EHRs, tend to take top priority over long-term planning.

It’s easy to see why the concept of business continuity planning (BCP) is often overlooked as it has little to do with the daily whirlwind of activity you face. Unfortunately, this could be a huge mistake that isn't fully realized until a crisis is upon you. Disasters such as storms, electrical outages and other emergencies can impact your medical practice’s ability to sustain and maintain your operations and health care services for your patients.

Whether it is a major disaster or something more localized, the patient care you provide can be impacted. A strong business continuity plan can provide the structure and ability for any organization to adapt to the uncertainty of the business environment without disruption to your operations. As part of our ongoing webinar series, we look for business experts that will help us address the issues facing today’s medical practices.

For our next webinar, we’ve invited technology business expert, Nic Cofield - VP of Client Services at Jackson Thornton Technologies, to showcase his expertise in the following areas:

Protecting Patient Data - to ensure HIPAA compliance and safeguarding of patient data in the face of unexpected events

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks - and threats facing medical practices and how an incident response plan can help minimize the impact of cyberattacks

Maintaining Patient Care - to quickly recover from disruptions and maintain the continuity of patient care

Regulatory Requirements - by developing and implementing a plan to meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential legal and financial liabilities

Your practice should be prepared with a plan to address the unique needs of your operations. Having a business continuity plan will help minimize (possibly even prevent) a more serious consequence following a disaster or major localized disruption.

Register today for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 10th at 3:00pm ET to learn how you can organize your own BCP for 2023 and beyond!

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