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Regional Ambulatory Care Centers Can Benefit from AI-Powered Speech Recognition Technology

Regional Centers That Implement A Speech Recognition Tool into Their Workflow Can Benefit from Significant Time Savings That Can Translate into Financial Benefits.

Increased patient visits, increased documentation requirements, and reduced financial resources - sound familiar? These are just a few of the productivity issues facing regional care centers today. So how can a busy care center address those issues and stay productive? We have a solution that is working for many centers around the country: cloud-based, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, medical speech recognition technology.

Our recommended conversational (AI)-powered clinical documentation solution, Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One, was introduced in early 2017, and has been disrupting the healthcare industry for the last several years. The solution, which has a budget-friendly, cloud-based subscription model, provides best-in-class documentation and eliminates thousands of “clicks” per day on average. By using the power of a clinicians’ voice, Dragon Medical One can increase productivity and produce patient documentation up to 45% faster than typing. More talking and less typing can produce up to 20% more relevant patient content than traditional documentation.

Key Benefits:

HIPAA Compliant - As all centers must adhere to HIPAA guidelines, this recommended solution fits the documentation requirements as a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST Certified platform.

Ease of Use - For a clinician, the ease of use and quick installation process means they can get and stay productive all day by creating a single voice profile accessible across all Windows ® based devices.

Support Your Existing Infrastructure - Being a highly scalable solution means that it works efficiently to support your ambulatory IT infrastructure.

Cloud-based and Budget-friendly - With a monthly subscription-based model, you save on high IT installation costs, and it allows you to access the best-in-class documentation on your modest budget with little upfront capital expenditures.

Clinicians can enjoy a consistent experience and workflow no matter where they are located, making it especially vital in the fast-paced environment of a care center.

Learn more about how our recommended solutions can help your ambulatory care benefit and become more productive in 2020.

Contact our team today by email at or via phone at 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324.


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