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Save Time and Benefit from Year-End Tax Savings with Tax Compliant Speech Recognition Software

2019 is just about over, from a scheduling standpoint, and it’s time to think about what end-of-year deductions your small to medium size medical office can take advantage of before the year is over. While each medical office tax situation differs, you should discuss all potential tax concerns with your tax professional way in advance of closing out 2019.

One of the deductions that should be considered is the Section 179 Deduction a qualifying deduction to assist small to medium businesses with equipment purchases and software in the 2019 tax year. This deduction offers medical practices a great opportunity to maximize on your purchasing power with even higher deduction limits for 2019. Software and office equipment are two of the items most practices commonly purchase, so leveraging these savings could benefit you into 2020.

Nuance® Dragon Medical Practice Edition with PowerMic III bundle, qualifies as a compliant software and equipment package for Section 179 for 2019. This product combination is designed, and priced specifically for smaller independent medical practices. With the enhanced acoustic models with Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, Dragon Medical Practice Edition improves the physician experience by providing a higher accuracy right-out-of-the-box. Adding the paired PowerMic III adds a productivity tool with easy plug-and-play connectivity. The microphone has noise cancellation to ensure higher accuracy even in the noisiest of environments. You can view the other software and hardware enhancements and specs here.

Reach out to our team of solution specialists today to take advantage of year-end savings on our wide range of tax compliant speech recognition software and equipment. 877.272.8280 or 866.977.3324


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