See What Your Practice Can Gain When You Use Cloud-Based Speech Recognition

It’s no secret that today’s independent medical practices are over-burdened with an increased patient load and under-staffed in many areas of the office operation. Tasked with ever-increasing patient documentation, physicians need solutions that increase productivity and save time (and their budget) in order to remain a successful business. Leveraging the latest advances in technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), speech recognition, and cloud-based storage solutions, are SMART ways to manage your valuable resources and gain more time back in your day to complete administrative tasks. Cloud-based solutions can help in a variety of productive ways, as they preserve your important documents and files in a shared “cloud”, giving you the opportunity to collaborate on patient records with other staff through data sharing.

Physicians Gain More Benefits using Dragon Medical One speech recognition

Speech recognition solutions utilizing cloud-based technology have had significant advances over the last decade, such as our recommended solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, which leads the industry as a Best in KLAS Solution. With the implementation of Dragon Medical One speech recognition (in the cloud) many physicians say their patient notes are more accurate and detailed, simply because it is easier to speak than type or write (and up to 3x faster). A physician’s notes are captured in real-time and contain more of the patient’s personal story, history and background, not just clinical information. More comprehensive records lead to a better overall patient outcome.

With today’s cloud-based speech recognition technology, implementing a solution into your clinical workflow can significantly:

Increase the quality of one-on-one time spent with your patients

Reduce the administrative time needed to complete a patient note within your EHR

➔ Help you Produce more comprehensive notes with less time at the computer

Save time by using your own voice to document directly into your EHR and reduce the need for back-end transcription

➔ Basically, Eliminate indistinguishable written patient records