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Start Off a New Decade Early With New Technology and Gain Valuable Tax Savings In 2019

With a new decade on the horizon, independent medical practices can take advantage of 2019 tax savings now, and enjoy the new technology into the New Year. Purchasing equipment and productivity software for your physicians and clinicians can help your practice see a significant savings in your bottom line.

Section 179 Deduction, increased for 2019, allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying software or business equipment purchased during the tax year*. This particular deduction was put in place to encourage businesses to buy necessary equipment and invest back in their business. While there have been some changes and adjustments to what qualify as a compliant deduction, this deduction is one of the best small business incentives.

When you consider a year-end purchase for your medical practice, software and ensuing equipment that work within your chosen EHR makes a lot of practical sense. Nuance® Dragon Medical Practice Edition, paired with one of the recommended hand-held microphones, also makes it a smart tax-savings option, as these products qualify for Section 179 Deduction.

If you are already familiar with Dragon Medical, consider upgrading to the latest version and bundling with the most highly recommended microphone, the PowerMic III.

With it’s ergonomic controls and easy to use voice navigating, your staff can select fields directly inside your EHR, and immediately start documenting right to a specific form, or create a treatment plan swiftly.

When you are ready to consider that year-end purchase, contact our team. We can review your practices workflow, and help you to select exactly which product fits your needs.

Interested in hearing more about new technology throughout the year? Then make sure to follow us on social media, we provide technology updates, and let you know where you can find our team supporting our healthcare clients. | 866.977.3324 | 877.272.8280

*Please consult with your tax professional on how this deduction will affect your medical practice.


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