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Top 3 Ways Speech Recognition Can Improve Your Patient Communication Processes

Over the last 12 years, cloud-based speech recognition solutions have had significant advances by using AI technology to streamline and automate the medical documentation process. Traditional dictation requires transcription, which can be costly, is prone to typing errors, requires proofreading, and causes delays to the patient’s medical record input and final billing. Whereas speech recognition technology works in sync with your chosen EHR by using the power of your own voice to document directly into the patient record - at the point of care.

Physicians and clinicians that are using the technology within an EHR, report that their ease of documenting right into the medical record has helped increase the transfer of patient information significantly. So, it makes sense to implement a speech recognition solution, such as our industry leading and highly recommended solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One,(DMO). Using DMO can lead to an overall productivity increase in your practice. When practices implement Dragon Medical One speech recognition, many physicians say their patient notes are more accurate and detailed, simply because it is easier to speak (and up to 3x faster) than to type or write.

Physicians do more with Dragon Medical One speech recognition

How does it work?

A physician’s notes are captured in real-time at the point of care, spoken directly into a microphone or smartphone to capture more of the patient’s personal story, history and background, not just clinical information. This quality interaction produces a more comprehensive record, which builds a stronger and more efficient communication process with patients. In addition to creating a more accurate document, physicians are using speech recognition in other ways, like automating the check-in and prescription refill process.

We hear from our clients on a regular basis and based on their input, we have put together the Top 3 Ways Speech Recognition is helping them improve patient communication.

Allows for a more engaging patient experience since the physician can focus on spending more quality time interacting with the patient

Streamlines the patient documentation process by using your voice to document directly into the EHR. You can just speak naturally during the patient visit to capture 20% more relevant information than traditional typing

Ensures a HIPAA-compliant and secure transfer of information which reduces the challenges of the patient information exchange and data collection. Dragon Medical One's HIPAA compliant security ensures that sensitive patient data is protected. With its advanced encryption technology and secure cloud-based platform, it offers peace of mind for medical practices and healthcare professionals.

Does Your Medical Practice Need to Improve Your Patient Communication Processes?

Get started with a FREE 7-day Trial of Dragon Medical One to conduct your own proof of concept. See first-hand why this safe and secure solution has been ranked #1 Best in KLAS Dragon Medical One in 2021, 2022, and again in 2023! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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