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Treat Yourself to Free Tech for the Holidays - Free PowerMic III with Purchase of Dragon Medical

Happy Holidays! Have you or a fellow colleague ever been interested in taking advantage of the Dragon Medical solutions? Well great news! From now until December 31st, 2018 with the purchase of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 or the purchase of Dragon Medical One, you will receive a FREE PowermMic III. That is a $424.00 value per user!

What is the Nuance PowerMic III and what does it do? This device is designed to help increase clinician productivity, with its standard dictation and speed recognition functions. This microphone also includes noise cancellation features which will give accurate dictation even in the noisiest of environments. Using the Nuance PowerMic III, you’re able to navigate your way through template, fields, and also use the voice fill-in or select and say commands. This mic also includes mouse functions for your PC, which helps make the work flow quicker and easier for day to day operations.

For more details about this Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, Dragon Medical One, and the Nuance PowerMic III, please contact us at

We are still offering our referral rewards program! This program offers up to a $500 visa gift card for referring friends or colleagues.

Please use the link below to take advantage of our referral rewards!


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