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Use Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Within PracticeSuite™ For Better Practice Profitability

The needs of today’s patients have indeed evolved over the last few decades, and patient care needs to keep pace with those progressions. Patients are not only concerned with quality treatment but with the security of knowing their visits are private and secure. Embracing the benefits of cloud-based technology is necessary for busy medical practices who want to create a more streamlined, secure, and efficient workflow for the patient documentation process.

As today’s physicians see more patients daily than ever before, whether in-person or via Telehealth, the need for more detailed patient documentation is essential. Physicians surveyed claim to spend more time every year completing patient documentation and admin tasks, clocking in close to 20 hours per week. Finding a way to reduce the amount of time spent in documentation, and allowing for more time meeting and treating patients is critical, even more so with the current health crisis. Mobility and flexibility are benefits that are necessary to leverage the limited amount of time each physician has in a work week.

Our team works with hundreds of independent medical practice clients every year, all faced with similar time-constraints. We are consistently looking for medical technology companies to partner with to provide our clients with smart solutions to their productivity concerns. One such partnership is with the single cloud-based platform EHR solution, PracticeSuite™.

When paired with the AI-powered cloud-based HITRUST CSF certified speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One, PracticeSuite™ users can yield a higher level of practice productivity by minimizing the amount of time spent typing within the EHR. By utilizing the power of their own voice vs. typing, physicians and clinicians can save up to 2 hours/day on critical patient documentation. This smart combination allows users to leverage the best cloud-based technology available to increase productivity and ultimately profitability of their medical practice with these select features:

Cloud-based technology for quick and easy setup, and extreme mobility

Speech recognition to leverage the power of your own voice and save up to 2 hours a day vs. typing patient documentation

Portability via the cloud-based app on Windows® based devices

Please join our solutions team on Thursday, November 19th at 3:00 pm EST for our latest webinar “Streamline Clinical Documentation” where we will demonstrate the seamless use of Dragon Medical One within the PracticeSuite™ EHR. Complete this form to register.

Contact our team if you have any questions and ask about our 7-day FREE Trial Offer! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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