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Using Your Voice to Create Comprehensive Cardiology Patient Documentation

We know Cardiology is one of the most complex and critical specialty aspects of human healthcare seeing an enormous amount of patients every year. The specialty spans across multiple health-focused areas and involves not just diagnosis but preventative care, cardiac rehabilitation, and long term treatment regimens. Studies show cardiologists see an average of 18 patients per day, documenting a variety of invasive/interventional, non-invasive, preventive, and electrophysiology cardiology visits. It’s easy to see that some cardiologists spend three or more hours a day just documenting patient care in their EHR. It sounds almost unbelievable, but it is true.

Dragon Medical One speech recognition maximizes efficiency in your cardiology practice

In addition to routinely capturing vital patient information, cardiologists create cardiology reports from echocardiograms, event monitors, Holter monitors, vascular ultrasounds, evaluations, progress notes, consultations, discharge summaries, and more. Using a HIPAA-compliant EHR-friendly speech to text solution helps you produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content with 99% accuracy, AND recapture more time in your day - up to 2 hours on average with our recommended solution.

By using the most effective method for comprehensive documentation you are increasing your effectiveness by:

Creating a more detailed, accurate and rich note for the cardiac visit or treatment using your own voice

Using gathered historical documentation pulled from previous visits to analyze past visits or intake forms via the built-in AI technology

Discussing treatment plans and coordinate the care with their patients at a more integrated level right at the office visit

Reducing the amount of time typing and more efficient use of your voice to document

Documenting within the paired mobile app for on-the-go documentation between patients

These are just a few benefits of documenting right at the point of care, directly flowing into your chosen EHR system. Using this direct documentation approach with the patient present, the speech recognition application will collect and analyze patient data to provide a better cardiac visit and patient outcome.

Critical medical care requires the best technology and tools. Today’s cardiologists can improve their productivity and profitability with the proven technology inside Dragon Medical One (DMO). The security capabilities and intuitive AI technology, deliver the best return on productivity and performance. If you're tired of endless typing inside your EHR, we can help boost your practice efficiency and save your physicians and PAs up to 2 hours a day in patient documentation.

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