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Veterinarians Chart Faster with Improved Accuracy Using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Time is a valuable commodity, and we are always looking for ways to save time, without cutting out our value. We are constantly on the lookout for shortcuts and solutions that help us become more productive using the time we already have. Our veterinarian clients tell us that they spend close to 4 hours updating their patient charts and completing documentation.

Our speech recognition solution can certainly help you save time by using the power of your OWN voice to update your patient’s records and dictate your charts with diagnoses, follow up and treatment plans. Our solution works seamlessly with the leading cloud-based practice management software like IDEXX, ezyVET, AVImark, and many others. Using our recommended cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO), will save you valuable time and increase your overall practice efficiency, resulting in your paperwork being finished quicker, and completed with even more detail than using traditional typing. You can be even more proficient out of the office, when you call for diagnostic tests and manage treatment plans right from your smartphone or device using our recommended paired mobile app.

DMO helps you be more efficient in a variety of other ways:

Reduces or eliminates the need to type - allowing for a seamless transition into a paper-lite environment

Electronic documents are created through dictation - using your voice with an easy to set-up single user voice profile accessible via many Windows-based devices

Monthly-subscription based model - to help you stay on track with your budget with the same predictable monthly expense with very little upfront expenditure

Customizable - to allow you to add specific terms, and create customized templates and shortcuts to recognize all your veterinary specific language and common treatment plans

Seamless integration – with an easy setup to integrate with your chosen practice management software like Neo, IDEXX, ezyVET, AVImark and more

The combination of Dragon Medical One and your chosen veterinary practice management software allows you to save time and improve your clinical workflow. By providing you access to the latest technology and cloud-based advantages, DMO gives you more time to treat your patients, and automates your workflow both in the office and in the field. While we cannot add more hours to our day, finding ways to run your practice more efficiently is the best way to fit more work in and get it all done.

Veterinarians Chart Faster with Improved Accuracy Using Dragon Medical One

We would like to invite you to experience for yourself just how efficient the implementation of Dragon Medical One can be for your busy veterinarian practice, by registering for our next webinar HERE! On our webinar you can see firsthand how to chart your patient encounters faster and save upwards of 2 hours per day in documentation. It is all about saving you time and making your practice even more efficient. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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