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What To Expect After Your 7-Day Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Trial

You’ve completed a successful Dragon Medical One (DMO) 7-day trial and made the right decision for your medical practice to move forward - Congratulations!

You have experienced first-hand how this #1 BEST in KLAS front-end speech recognition solution will increase your office productivity by implementing in just the right place in your clinical workflow. While you know it will help you hit your office efficiency goals, you may still have questions, and that’s where our latest webinar can be beneficial as you move forward. Visit our webinar page to request access to the webinar recording.

The latest webinar in our series is hosted by 1st-Dragon/CME Business Manager, Joanne Westmoreland, who walks you through the follow-up process after implementing cloud-based Dragon Medical One in your office. Here are a few of the significant changes your practice will benefit from after upgrading to DMO:

  • Increase in time savings helping your staff to complete their administrative tasks quicker using the power of their own natural voice to document notes and treatment plans

  • Increase in accuracy when your physicians use their own natural voice to document notes right into your EHR, there is a higher level of accuracy with little to no need for back-end transcription

  • Increase in patient engagement as your clinicians and physicians have more time to spend more quality face-time with your patients at the point of care

  • Decrease in the amount of time it takes for insurance submission and timely reimbursement as your notes are more complete with less disruption

  • Decrease in the effects of physician burnout as they will save up to two hours a day completing their documentation in the cloud solution

With just a single voice profile created after initial setup, your staff can be documenting within minutes and experiencing the flexibility and increased benefits of Dragon Medical One right away - whether in the office, in the exam room, or on-the-go with the PowerMic Mobile app!

With all of the potential advantages of using DMO that you can now experience for your own office, it is easy to see it has proven to be a valuable solution for hundreds of thousands of physicians across the country. Using Dragon Medical One to optimize clinical workflows and complete patient notes faster, leads to quicker reimbursements and better patient care.

Reach out to our team to learn more or schedule a FREE trial! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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