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1st-Dragon/CME Supports Rural Health Centers with the Best Speech Recognition Technology

With the Covid-19 virus still present, the rush to vaccinate people remains the focus. The amount of vaccine continues to be produced and made available to people across the country, but our rural communities are among the hardest hit with many areas still feeling the effects of the virus. With the health concerns regarding the virus and potential long-term symptoms and affects, adequate in-clinic patient documentation is vital to ensuring a positive outcome. Our team here at 1st-Dragon/CME continues to support the work of our Rural Health Clinicians, and their goal to be more productive with their limited resources.

Understanding the concerns about the virus and meeting in person, we are energized to be able to have a part in this year’s NAHRC 2021 Conference which will be held virtually due to the continued health crisis. This year’s virtual platform will allow clinicians to continue to learn and connect with beneficial partners while still being available to treat their patients.

As we interact virtually with our clinician clients, our goal is to help them by introducing them to the most up-to-date speech recognition technology available in today’s market. They need to get the most relevant content from their limited patient interactions and by using your voice vs typing (you speak 3x faster than you type), clinicians can expand the amount of time they spend treating patients. Many use an EHR to more efficiently document the entire patient visit cycle, so we ensure we match them with the right product for their limited budgets. Our most recommended product is the 2021 Best in KLAS cloud-based speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon Medical One.

The powerful technology behind Dragon Medical One’s cloud-based solution truly gives the busy clinician the necessary power to be more productive. With an easy initial install which does not require extensive IT resources, and a single user profile setup, a clinician can be up and running, documenting patient encounters almost immediately. Continued use will make the solution even more accurate as it “learns” the way you speak, and you will benefit from time savings on daily patient documentation by using the power of your own natural voice. Check out a few ways the solution is beneficial for your busy rural clinic:

Produces patient notes up to 3x faster than traditional typing AND with more than 99 percent accuracy, creating a more efficient workflow in a busy clinic setting

Creates documentation with 20% more relevant content when using the power of your own voice - necessary for accurate and timely insurance reimbursement

Budget-friendly monthly subscription model makes for a predictable expense, that will pay for itself at every use

Automatic updates in the cloud makes best use of your limited IT resources in your rural clinic

As we connect with many new Rural Health professionals over the next few months, we look forward to introducing them to the most advanced productivity solutions, and companion tools and equipment to keep them connected to their patients. Our team of certified solution specialists stand ready to help you focus in on the best benefits for your Clinic using cloud-based Dragon Medical One!

Learn more when you view our virtual exhibit at NARHC, or when you reach out to our Solution Specialists. Be sure to ask about our FREE TRIAL of the 2021 Awarding Winning Best in KLAS solution. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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