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A Favorable Solution to Time Consuming Typing and Expensive Training of Medical Scribes

As healthcare technology continues to evolve, implementing cloud-based solutions is the favorable and smart choice for the medical practice working towards becoming more productive, saving time, and ensuring faster insurance reimbursement. Identifying new techniques, enhancement tools, and strategies for your staff and clinicians, will help to improve teamwork and performance which is key to maintaining that high-quality experience for your patients.

The years of endless typing of patient documentation, and spending hundreds of hours training medical scribes is coming to a fast end, as today’s busy medical practices are embracing AI-powered speech recognition, saving hours a week in the life of a physician and ensuring a more favorable practice and patient experience outcome.

AI technology (artificial intelligence) has been highly used for over a decade in various healthcare environments, and has been proven to reduce the clinician’s burden and increase their overall efficiency. While the traditional typing and scribing process was what worked a decade ago, it is now being replaced by better technology and HIPAA compliant documenting solutions that pair with today’s EHRs.

Here are a few areas where Speech Recognition INCREASES efficiency in lieu of typing and traditional scribing services:

Directly input a more thorough patient note into your EHR right at the point of care eliminating the need for medical scribes post-office appointment

Your physician uses their own natural voice to capture vital information at the patient encounter using the AI features built into the speech recognition solution, mitigating the human error component of medical scribing (loss of vital information, misconfiguration, language barriers, etc.)

Time savings increases when using speech recognition as a physician can capture more relevant information and speak up to 4x faster than traditional typing

No need to spend hundreds of hours to “train” a medical scribe who may require many hours of learning and relearning your practice’s documentation workflows

Saving precious financial resources with a predictable and budget-friendly monthly subscription service

By recording digital patient notes at the point of care, you are ultimately optimizing operational processes, and automating repetitive tasks. Many of today’s AI-enabled software applications are helping ambulatory care physicians isolate and identify patients who may require additional attention and develop a treatment protocol for each individual.

Ranked #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for three consecutive years, Dragon Medical One (DMO) will help elevate your patient’s experience within your office environment and provide a more favorable solution to traditional typing and scribing services. We offer a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL of Dragon Medical One so you conduct your own proof of concept with your EHR. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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