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AAEP Virtual Convention Attendees Increase Productivity with Cloud-based Speech Recognition Solution

Due to the conditions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) annual conference was held for the first time on a virtual platform from December 6-9. The annual educational and networking event brought together equine veterinarians and other beneficial industry professionals, providing varied solutions for their practices. Our solutions team at 1st-Dragon/CME has been working closely with our Equine Vet clients to provide the right type of digital tools to help increase productivity within their respective practices.

Equine Veterinarians Benefit from the FREEDOM of using Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

This year with the challenges all practices are facing, including increased costs of products and supply chain concerns, the need to tone up the revenue bottom line is even more critical. With a budget-friendly monthly subscription base and no significant upfront outlay of capital, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One assists practices to leverage the best of today’s technology and is perfect for the revenue streams of the veterinary practice.

Dragon Medical One gives practitioners a paper-lite documentation experience using the power of their own voice instead of typing. It allows them to navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into their Veterinary Practice Management software of choice. With an easy setup that creates a single user voice profile, in-office and field practitioners have access to their own customizable platform. This platform can be accessed across a variety of Windows-based® practice EMRs using desktop, laptop, Smartphones* or other mobile devices.

With the extended time most veterinarians spend on the road treating equine patients, the mobility and flexibility of a cloud-based solution can be extremely beneficial and efficient. Notes and treatment plans can be documented onsite, while X-rays, prescriptions, and extended treatment plans can be shared with your office, staff, or other practitioners for follow-up care.

Features included in the cloud-based speech recognition solution encourage thousands of equine veterinarians to move to today’s technology and reap the benefits from day one:

· Customizable for shortcuts and specific commands you can create shortcuts or commands for your most used documentation procedures, notes, and treatment plans

· Provides an expanded and improved experience when using the leading software made specifically for veterinary practices

· High mobility and location flexibility with a mobile app* for hands-free documentation when in the field or in the office

· Save up to 2 hours a day on practice documentation by using your voice vs traditional typing or paper notes

An added benefit of working with our Solutions team, is the ability to field test a 7-day FREE trial of the cloud-based solution Dragon Medical One. Contact us today to learn more about how cloud-based speech recognition can benefit your equine veterinary practice. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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