Addressing Physician Burnout With Smarter Documentation Inside Your EHR

We know your EHR has many tools to help you document your patient encounters and adding a speech recognition solution at the right place in your workflow can be timesaving in the extreme. Physicians and clinicians are using speech recognition at a higher level simply because it reduces the need to type. The average person types much slower – about 30 words per minute – than we speak and with the enhanced requirements for insurance reimbursement, procedures, and guidelines, you are spending more time than ever on charting and paperwork. While you may be utilizing the efficiencies in your EHR, you may not be taking advantage of time-saving shortcuts available within your speech recognition solution.

Using our recommended cloud-based, AI-powered solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO) combined with your EHR and a recording device (handheld microphone or smartphone with app) could yield up to 2 additional hours saved each day alone. But, when adding in SMART voice commands (such as “insert Cardio visit template here” and simple spoken phrases) the solution allows you to populate custom notes and other basic activities with automated text, reducing your time on administrative tasks. The SMART command can be in a boilerplate format or include templates for:

Inserting Templates

Filling Prescriptions

Updating Patient Status Notes

Creating a Basic Office Visit Template

Adding a Common Diagnosis