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Increase Productivity and Save Time by Using Auto-Text Commands in Dragon® Medical One

With all the documentation your medical practice produces on a weekly basis, saving even a few extra minutes a day can really add up over time. Finding ways to increase your

productivity is our main focus at 1st-Dragon/CME. Our most recommended product, cloud-based speech recognition solution Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), helps save up to 2 hours per day when producing documentation within (and outside) your chosen EHR. By using your natural voice (to place text in the right location) vs typing your patient notes, DMO allows you to document 45% faster with greater accuracy.

Save Time with Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition Auto-Text Commands

Within the Dragon Medical One speech recognition solution, there are many features that improve office efficiency such as the ability to create specific voice commands used as shortcuts when you document. Auto-text commands are custom voice commands that insert specific text into your document simply by speaking a short phrase that you previously saved. Auto-text can be used for content and to develop templates you may use frequently in your patient record or office documents. These "shortcuts" save time and help to reduce errors.

Here is a list of uses for auto-text that, while simple, save you hours throughout the day:

  • Inserting Signatures

  • Adding Addresses

  • Filling Prescriptions

  • Updating Patient Status Notes

  • Creating a Basic Office Visit Template

  • Adding a SOAP note

When creating auto-texts and templates the same process is initiated with the difference

being the templates contain square brackets [ ] as placeholders for text. You can start a new Dragon Medical One auto-text by opening up your Dragon profile and speaking the voice command “manage auto-texts”. Next --- if you already have the text you would like to make into an auto-text, you can highlight it and say “make that an auto-text”. Select “manage auto-texts” in the Dragon bar menu when clicking on the Dragon icon, and name the new command for the future use. When entering the “name” of the auto-text, the form will automatically populate to match what you spoke, allowing you to use content from your EHR or from most other Windows based applications.

To learn more about using auto-texts within Dragon Medical One and other tips to kick up your practice productivity, schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Solution Specialists, and be sure ask about our FREE trial to conduct your own proof of concept. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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