Ambulatory Surgical Centers Learn How to Optimize Efficiency Using Dragon Medical One

Updated: May 5, 2021

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) across the country are competing with hospitals and larger surgical organizations for their place in the market. They need every advantage to be successful when competing for the same revenue. Efficiency is key for every aspect of the operation, including the efficient and productive use of physician and clinician time. Insurance companies, and regulatory agencies require more patient documentation than ever before, and the more complicated the procedure, the more time it takes to document, taking valuable time away from treating patients.

The average physician claims to spend close to 2 hours to document every procedure, typing a well detailed patient note. Our goal is to assist physicians and clinicians in finding ways to be more efficient with their documentation such as deploying our recommended solution Nuance® Dragon Medical One (the latest in cloud-based, AI-powered speech recognition technology) in just the right place in their clinical workflow.

Implementing an innovative speech recognition solution like Dragon Medical One into your workflow, is a more efficient input modality that is faster than the traditional method of typing and is built to work within your chosen EHR. Speech recognition can drastically reduce the turnaround time of creating a patient record, up to 3x faster than typing in most cases. Check out some of the benefits of using your voice to document:

Reduces the time spent creating documentation, using your voice vs typing, thereby reducing one of the biggest factors related to physician burnout

Produce patient documentation up to 45% faster and capturing up to 20% more relevant content using your own natural voice to document vs typing

Ability to be hands-free when documenting patient encounters

Flexible options to document virtually whenever, and wherever you need to

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 19th to learn how to optimize your ambulatory surgical center and become more efficient using cloud-based Dragon Medical One!