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Be Thankful For the Time Savings Provided by Cloud-based Speech Recognition Technology

We know how busy medical practices face many challenges right before a major holiday, like Thanksgiving. That’s why leveraging technology, like cloud-based speech recognition, can put your practice into a more positive position, time-wise when it comes to documenting patient visits.

Using a cloud-based solution, like Nuance® Dragon Medical One, inside your chosen EHR, can save your physicians and clinicians two hours for every hour they spend documenting patient encounters. We speak much faster than we can type, typically up to three times as fast, and with significantly fewer mistakes. On average, clinicians can produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content by using their voice.

Dragon Medical One, nearly 98% accurate from the very first use, leverages AI (artificial intelligence) to learn the way you speak, and makes adjustments to your specific voice modulations and patterns. Once the solution has been deployed, setup of a single voice profile is easy – and you can be securely documenting immediately, across all of your practices apps and devices.

As you continue to use the solution for your everyday documentation tasks, it becomes even more accurate, increasing your productivity, and allowing you to complete your tasks faster than before. Great news for your medical practice, with the busiest time of the year coming up!

Isn’t it about time your practice makes the move to a more productive and profitable outcome? Reach out to our Solutions Specialists today, and ask about our end-of-year promotion with FREE technology. We want to help you celebrate a new decade with new technology.

Contact us today - 877-272-8280 or 866.977.3324 or via email at

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