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CareCloud EHR Users Continue to Simplify Their Workflow with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

When we get feedback from CareCloud EHR physicians and clinicians who have added our recommended solution to their practice’s clinical workflow, one comment that keeps popping up in these conversations is “simplicity of use”! Advanced technology should make our lives easier and that is the end result one can expect when CareCloud users pair their EHR with the most advanced medical speech recognition solution on the market today - Dragon Medical One (DMO).

CareCloud EHR Users Continue to Simplify Their Workflow with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

While the simplicity of using DMO is a key benefit many practices are experiencing, that simplicity translates into tangible time savings, a valuable commodity when dealing with the abundance of documentation physicians deal with every day. Adding DMO in the right place in your clinical workflow can yield up to a 2-hour time saving every day. What could your practice do with an additional 10 hours* per week?

Key features of the solution are what really take your patient documentation to a higher level. Features like:

  • Single User Profile - setup is easy, and you can be documenting right away after initial installation

  • Hands-Free Use - by just speaking a simple “wake” word like “Hello Dragon” you can start documenting using your computer microphone or another recommended recording device

  • Automatic Updates - means you will not need to spend your budget on costing IT resources, and it ensures you are always benefiting from the latest secure version

  • Portability - by providing a secure, accurate and portable cloud‑based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows® devices and of course, your CareCloud EHR

  • User Insights - with the built-in Dragon Medical One Analytics you can see data, view trends, and review tracking to ensure your practice is staying efficient

Here are what other physicians are saying about using the Best in KLAS solution for their patient documentation!

“Dragon Medical One clearly recognizes the medical terms and the names of the medications that I use in my patient notes, even with my specific way of speaking”

“Amazing real-time, quality documentation and transcription - all in one”

“The monthly subscription-based model really assists in keeping our practice on budget”

Visit our CareCloud Partner page to see more ways your practice can benefit from the high level of compatibility between CareCloud EHR and Dragon Medical One.

Ask about our FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

*based on an average 2 hours a daytime savings and calculated using a 5-day work week


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