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Creating Quality Clinical Documentation Using Your Current Oncology Practice Workflows

As a baseline daily duty of medical professionals in a critical specialty field like Oncology, we know that medical documentation takes up a large part of your day. Given the amount of patients you need to see on a weekly basis, the simple fact is that administrative tasks, and recording patient visits within your preferred EHR solution are necessary and critical for quality patient care. Time is a commodity which we all receive in equal measure, but how we use it greatly affects our ability to be productive.

Oncology providers may face many additional challenges when using an EMR to record information, as the complexity of the vertical requires expansive documentation that may include coordinating complex therapies in the ambulatory setting such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy and documenting extremely specific symptoms and areas of distress. To provide quality data outcomes, the physician needs to ensure the data is entered correctly, which is not always a simple task within your current EHR environment.

You want to use effective solutions that enable your team of oncologists, clinicians, PAs, nurses, and staff to maximize their time where it truly matters—on providing the best possible patient care. As an example, a physician may need to enter the same diagnosis multiple times during a single patient encounter—then add it to a symptom list, and then link it to a laboratory or radiology order. Your office staff then needs to be able to associate it with a patient record and matching reimbursement claim. All of these steps are necessary to ensure your patient has a quality experience.

Dragon Medical One allows oncologists to spend less time in the EHR and more time with patients

Using your EHR helps to create an effective digital medical documentation trail showing exactly where your oncology patient started and where they have been on their journey is part of that high-quality clinical documentation, and we can help you make the most from your current workflows.

Studies show that doctors in a specialty medical vertical like oncology, work over 50 hours a week and can see over 25 patients a day. Since the length of a typical patient visit is around 22 minutes (National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey 2019), that means less than half of their 50 hour work week is spent actually seeing patients. The rest of that time is spent in front of a computer screen entering patient data into an EHR.

AI-powered cloud-based Nuance® Dragon® Medical One can be customized to create shortcuts and templates that are easy to use with your current clinical workflow to reduce the amount of time you spend with repetitive language when documenting.

Clinicians produce documentation 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content with 99% accuracy when using a speech recognition solution built specifically for critical medical professionals like Oncologists.

You can create a more specific and highly optimized workflow that reduces physician overhead, yields higher office productivity, and improves overall profitability and faster insurance reimbursements. We encourage you to reach out to our team of solution specialists to see how they can help you create a higher quality clinical document workflow using your current Oncology practice EHR. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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