Ensuring Behavioral Health Medical Record Documentation Requirements with Dragon® Medical One

Physicians and medical professionals focused on the mental health of their patients are finding the current medical health crisis extremely difficult to navigate. The unique set of needs your behavioral health patients require is vast and challenging. Meeting the

ongoing needs of patients, such as providing and coordinating necessary services, remaining HIPAA compliant, setting appointments, developing treatment plans and follow-up, is impossible without accurate documentation, completed in a timely manner. The use of an EHR becomes an efficient and time-saving tool for the specific needs of the specialty vertical of behavioral health. Many EHR companies provide specific templates that are built to the mental health physician’s needs. Using a medical speech recognition solution, can be extremely beneficial to use within your chosen EHR.

Accurate Documentation for Timely Insurance Reimbursement

Extensive and accurate documentation, whether using an EHR or other documentation source, for each patient allows for a complete record of care that has been provided to the beneficiaries when using insurances, and Medicare/Medicaid services. Each agency may require specific detailed patient documentation to be able to fully support claims to be billed, and to receive timely payments from these agencies.

That’s why finding a documentation solution that meets those specific needs is even more important in today’s challenging environment. Our recommended medical speech recognition solution has been tried and tested by medical professionals across the country, and around the world. Here are just a few of the benefits of using speech recognition for documenting your patient encounters with Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One.