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Establish Documentation Structure in Your Orthopaedic Medical Practice Using Speech Recognition

Proper and detailed documentation ensures your medical practice stays functional and flowing - even during this time of crisis in the US. You may already have an EHR you are implementing in your clinical workflow, but how easy is it for your physicians and clinicians to document within that EHR solution? Is a speech recognition solution part of your established practice structure? If not, consider our recommendation for adding our preferred solution into your clinical workflow.

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, is a proven time-saving, cloud-based solution being utilized in thousands of medical practices, many of which are our current AAOS member clients, in partnership with your current EHR. By most industry estimates, a one-hour orthopaedic patient visit translates into two or more hours of post-visit paperwork. While there are multiple ways to dictate patient encounters, busy orthopaedic practices are looking for a smarter and more efficient solution. That is where AI-powered solutions like Dragon Medical One become something worth exploring.

The technology of Dragon Medical One leverages artificial intelligence in such a way that makes it superior to other speech recognition tools. After each user creates a single-voice profile, the notes completed by a clinician teach the solution specific nuances about that physician or clinician. That learning continues over time, increasing the accuracy incrementally. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Easy to Install - No complex configurations mean clinicians can begin dictating in less than five minutes using your existing infrastructure

  • Automatic Updates - mean less work for your staff

  • Budget Friendly - affordable monthly subscription‑based pricing model

  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant Platform - for patient security and confidentiality

  • Customizable Templates - and shortcuts are available, which means a more personalized user experience

Reach out to one of our solutions specialists today to learn more about a customized approach for your orthopaedic practice. They can find the best way to establish a documentation structure into your current clinical workflow using our recommended secure cloud-based solution! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, which provides updates, tips and tools to use in your orthopaedic practice!

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