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Excited to Introduce Nuance® Dragon® Medical One to Pediatric Practices Across the US at ENGAGE23

Our 1st-Dragon team is excited to attend this year’s Engage23 User Conference April 13-15th at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center!

We are looking forward to engaging with our current clients and introducing new Office Practicum users to our productivity tools and technology. With the many new requirements and guides that pediatric practices need to follow, you need to ensure your clinicians are gathering the most timely, relevant, and accurate information available.

With parents or guardians likely present during an office visit, documenting directly into your chosen EHR using a Children’s template, right at the point of care, gives you the opportunity to capture critical details and patient histories within your clinical workflow. Many children here in the US utilize the services of Medicaid and CHIP, and very structured details are required to submit for not only a timely reimbursement, but to satisfy the legal requirements.

At this year’s conference, where we will be set up at Booth #116, we want to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to learn about the efficiencies of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 BEST in KLAS front-end AI-powered, cloud-based speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO). The solution, made specifically for healthcare professionals, has been recommended by 98% of physicians, a huge endorsement from the medical community, proving that speech recognition technology has found its place in the healthcare industry.

DMO can create custom templates (or checklists) for use with your pediatric patient visits and can be easily implemented into the right place in your current clinical workflow. Your team can customize templates will help your staff capture a more relevant patient note by making sure you hit the necessary items in the pediatric well or sick visit:

  • Newborn Screening Tests - create a checklist specific to the newborn requirements

  • Immunizations - to ensure your patient is keeping on track with a schedule and a reminder to provide fact sheets on each immunization

  • Growth Data Information - for use with children with special health care needs and to meet the Medicaid and CHIP requirements

  • Well/Sick Visits and Preventative Care - follow-up, prescriptions and additional awareness materials

Did You Know?

Most physicians recommend Dragon Medical One because of its fast, responsive, and highly accurate documentation benefits. DMO speech recognition gives you the ability to speak freely and as much as you like, saving up to 2 hours per day on your pediatric patient documentation - that translates to hundreds of hours per month within your practice! Your pediatric care providers can get and stay productive from virtually anywhere - and capture up to 45% more relevant content, and up to five-times faster than typing the same note.

Come join us at Engage23 and let our team of Solution Specialists walk you through a demo of today’s most INNOVATIVE AI-powered speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One! Don’t forget to enter our Raffle for a chance to win $100!

Contact us to get started with a FREE 7-day Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for 3 years in a row. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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