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Expand Your Behavioral Health Patient Outreach While Maintaining Social Distancing Guidelines

We are all facing an especially low spot in our social lives – this current health crisis has everyone out of touch with the people they are used to interacting with on a regular basis. As a practice focused on the behavioral health of your patients, we understand that this new social distancing and reduced face to face contact has had a negative impact on the well-being of many of your patients. Your practice has had to make many adjustments to care for your patients with restricted contact and document those encounters efficiently, which can be very overwhelming.

Our solutions team is always focused on supporting you, the physician, with the productivity tools you need to keep your practice running as efficiently as possible while you treat your patients. We offer our clients a wide range of products including medical speech recognition solutions like cloud-based Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One. Dragon Medical One works with most EHRs, as well as telehealth platforms. As you are probably aware, there have been significant modifications made by the federal government as they relate to in-office patient visits; telehealth benefits for Medicare beneficiaries were expanded, which is good news for both you and your patients.

If you haven’t made the move to include a telehealth solution in your workflow, please consider our preferred platform, IM Your Doc.

Although we were not able to meet you at the previously scheduled NATCON20 event, we would like to introduce you to our recommended solutions that could be very beneficial in helping you achieve a higher level of productivity in your Behavioral Health practice.

Please reach out to one of our specialists today to schedule a consultation call to see how we can help your practice improve your productivity. Be sure to ask about your 7-day FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One! | 877-272-8280 | 866-977-3324


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