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Exploring the Impact of 2023 Guidelines for E&M Services Within Your Medical Practice

Evaluation and management (E&M) codes are at the core of most medical practices. Family Practitioners, specialty practices and other qualified healthcare professionals can increase the opportunities to maximize a timely payment scenario and reduce the associated stress by understanding how to properly document and code for E&M services.

The last time any E&M coding guidelines were reviewed and overhauled was 26 years ago in 1997. Many pieces of terminology used back then have been updated and are no longer in use today. While the NEW codes went into effect on January 1st, much ambiguity remains, and we wanted to develop a short webinar to help our clients understand and mitigate any issues with the implementation.

Scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd at 2:00pm EST, this webinar will feature two guest speakers who are experts in documentation and E&M coding: Stuart Newsome from Alpha II and Dr. Pamela Bensen, an Alpha II Physician Advisor. Stuart and Dr. Bensen will discuss the critical issues revolving around documentation and E&M coding as they relate to your medical practice. You will glean useful information, along with the important aspects of the 2023 guidelines and best practices. We want to make sure you and your staff are informed to ensure you are capturing all the information necessary for accurate revenue capture. In addition, you will discover key tips and insights on how to efficiently receive the right payment and keep it in your practice pockets.

Along with the E&M coding guideline discussion, we will engage with you on how using speech recognition technology within your EHR can significantly help you and your physicians as these types of coding changes continue to take place. We know ambulatory medical practices do not always have adequate staffing, tools or technology needed to keep your medical practice running, so we welcome the opportunity to come alongside you and your staff to show you ways to reduce the burden of excessive required patient documentation.

You can benefit greatly by implementing the right speech recognition solution (within your customized workflow), to document your patient visits, and technology like Dragon® Medical One is our recommended solution for a variety of reasons:

● You can Capture 20% MORE relevant data when using Dragon Medical One speech recognition with your EHR

You will Experience a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across your apps, solutions, platforms, and Windows-based devices

● Your Documentation data is available immediately when a clinician creates documentation, so transcription costs are reduced or completely eliminated

● You will save by using Cloud-based solutions which require a lower capital expenditure and a budget-friendly monthly subscription model, saving your practice time and money on IT resources

REGISTER for our WEBINAR and invest some of your time next week to learn more about E&M Coding guidelines! You can also REACH OUT to our team of experienced cloud solution strategists at any time and ask about our 7-day Free Trial of Dragon Medical One, ranked #1 Best in KLAS for three consecutive years! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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