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Five Benefits of Using A Secure Messaging Platform in Your Medical Practice

Creating a productive and efficient medical office takes time, team dedication and the right tools. One of the key productivity tools that busy medical offices are using to communicate is text messaging. SMS Text messaging has been used for several years, but it is not a form of HIPAA-compliant communication and is not sent on a secure platform. Still, text messaging CAN be a viable solution and an effective tool, IF you choose a secure and HIPAA compliant messaging platform.

Part of our commitment to our medical office clients is to research and test new technology and bring those products to you. So, when our search uncovered a game-changing secure messaging, AND whole-office communication solution, we took steps to add it to our product offerings. IM Your Doc is that solution.

Check out these “Five Benefits” of using a Secure Messaging Platform in your medical practice:

Reduce Missed Appointments

Sending a reminder text about appointments can reduce “no-shows” by 65%

Communicate Billing Issues with Patients

Answer your patient’s insurance and/or billing questions via text to save time and reduce confusion and save time and disruption to your practice

Easy to Implement

There are NO significant IT requirements so deployment is simple, easy and fast

Send Documentation to Other Providers

Send images, documents or patient information securely to your physician’s smartphone without the need of being at a desktop

Compatible with Any Smartphone

You can send secure, encrypted text messages to a smartphone from your desktop, mobile device or your smartphone

Interested in hearing more about secure-encrypted medical messaging?

Reach out to our Solution Specialists today and let them help you get your office set for high productivity this year. | 866.977.3324 or 877.272.8280


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