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Generative AI Providing Documentation Support for Behavioral Health Professionals Using DAX Copilot and Dragon® Medical One

As we settle into May, the national observance of Mental Health Awareness is underway. As a strategy started in 1949 by Mental Health America, it continues to bring much needed attention to broaden the avenues of advocacy towards mental wellbeing. Many healthcare professionals focus daily on the needs of their patients and their very specific comprehensive treatment plans. With the additional attention in the month of May, mental health professionals across the country are hopeful that more people will step up and raise awareness to address the unique challenges facing people living with mental health conditions.

As physicians you are advocates who want to ensure research and treatment plans are available to not only help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, but to celebrate recovery from mental illness. Generative AI, like the technology built into Dragon Medical One and DAX Copilot, helps you achieve a more accurate narrative by recording the nuances of the patient encounter in the exam room.

It takes the clinically relevant parts of the patient visit and creates a note within seconds that is delivered to your EHR. That note is then available for immediate review and finalization in your chosen EHR. We are hearing from many physicians that they are saving up to 40 minutes each day with this advanced documentation assistant.

The ambient intelligence built into the solution allows a patient and a doctor to connect as human beings with the benefit of saving time, improving the patient experience & eliminating after-hours work, significantly reducing mental stress.  

We know you are experiencing unprecedented increases in your patient load and are looking for ways to be more efficient with the resources you have. Insurance companies, and other care providers need very detailed notes on your patient encounters. Because of misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health issues, people often suffer in silence and don’t seek treatment for their conditions. Health awareness is an important initiative to improve understanding of mental health conditions and increase access to healthcare for those who need it.


Additional Efficiencies available to Mental Healthcare Professionals when using DAX and Dragon Medical One:

➢    Helps to Identify patient patterns, during multi-conversations that take place in the exam room

➢    Continues to Improve disease diagnosis across the healthcare industry, selecting the correct course of treatment, and examining clinical laboratory tests

➢    Creates a complete and more accurate note for faster insurance reimbursement


Finding ways to adapt to new technology within your current workflow is always a challenge, but with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), we know it is worth pursuing. When medical practices make the decision to integrate AI into their EHR workflow, extreme potential exists for improving outcomes drastically. As a resource for your mental and behavioral focused practice, our team of experienced cloud solution strategists are ready to answer your question on how you can reach your productivity goals with today’s MedTech tools.


Still not sure how to leverage today’s AI technology in your mental and behavioral health practice? Then please reach out to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for FOUR consecutive years (2021-2024). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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