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Behavioral Health Professionals Utilize AI Powered Speech Recognition to Speed Up Documentation

Deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI) are used in speech recognition solutions to assist and analyze specific voice and language patterns. Mental healthcare providers, psychiatrists, and psychologists use this technology to screen for mental health issues in their patients across a wide range of care locations. Speech recognition, with machine-learning capabilities, recognizes and picks up on specific DL algorithms in the speech patterns in psychotherapy sessions through various phone and in-person encounters and analyzes those for better outcomes. As AI-powered methods continue to be introduced into the clinical workflow, professionals are using the data collected for decision-making based on patients’ historical data like their medical records, and past behavioral data.

DL, one of the most recent generations of AI technologies, has demonstrated superior performance in many real-world applications ranging from computer vision to healthcare. (Medical News Today)

DL technologies are being used in many applications that assist medical professionals in other ways. AI-powered speech recognition solutions like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, are being implemented in behavioral health clinics and practices within their practice management solutions, to help save time with the extensive documentation requirements of today’s practitioner.

Dragon Medical One speech recognition for Behavioral Healthcare

As mental health professionals, you are experiencing unprecedented increases in your patient load and are looking for ways to be more efficient with the resources you have. Insurance companies, and other care providers need very detailed notes on your patient encounters. With the studies conducted by the American Medical Association in 2019-2020, the average medical professional spends 20 hours a week on patient documentation. (AMA-Assn 2020)

Using a front-end speech solution with your EHR increases practice efficiency, by reducing the amount of time spent on traditional documentation methods. Additional efficiencies from the use of a cloud-based speech recognition solution with deep-learning include:

Better Care Quality — by saving time on paperwork you can spend more time treating your patients, which helps you improve overall patient care

Using Your Voice — saves time going through paper charts and writing out notes, or typing into the patient record, and allows you to document directly into your EHR

HIPAA Compliant— to ensure your patient records are safely and securely relayed into the EHR the solution uses 256-bit encryption

High Mobility — via the use of the cloud-based app, for a secure, accurate, and portable, cloud-based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows® devices like your Smartphone so you can document from a place of convenience

AZZLY™ Rize users can benefit from the enhanced digital experience by pairing Dragon Medical One with their EHR solution. You can learn more about the advantages of implementing the speech recognition solution by reaching out to our team of Solution Specialists today. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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