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Cloud-based Digital Experience Now Available with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and AZZLY Rize™

Fast and highly accurate speech recognition solution that continues to out-perform similar solutions in the marketplace, Dragon Medical One is the top choice for physicians to obtain the most benefits from their EHR. Having earned the 2021 Best in KLAS award for Front-end speech recognition, it also captured the Best in KLAS Quality management award, high praise from a solution that came on the market in early 2016. Now with the announcement of the AZZLY Rize and Dragon Medical One solution pairing, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment professionals will realize additional optimization and benefit from the support of the full continuum of care for outpatient programs.

Cloud-based Digital Experience Now Available with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One and AZZLY Rize

As evidence-based outcomes are becoming the standard for insurance providers and other accreditation agencies, using your AZZLY Rize eChart to document and measure your patient’s treatment plan becomes your gold standard. When your practice applies the measurement tools inside eChart, you have a chronological list of the treatments to verify and measure the impact of a defined treatment plan to drive client change over time. Documenting these fully customized treatment plans is simplified by using the personalized forms created by the eChart team. This eliminates the "one size fits all approach" that is too generic and may cause difficulties with insurance payer companies.

These new measurement tools increase the overall productivity of the medical practice but require more time to complete. That is where the Dragon Medical One cloud-based speech recognition solution comes into play, as it pairs seamlessly with AZZLY Rize to save clinicians up to 2 hours a day in documentation requirements. You speak 3X as fast as you can type, so this pairing translates to more time available in your day, a huge advantage of using speech recognition. Here are a few other benefits of using Dragon Medical One with AZZLY Rize to attain and measure your documentation requirements:

Secure and reliable HIPAA-compliant data - with 256-bit encryption channels via Microsoft Azure Servers, so you benefit from using the same servers that AZZLY Rize uses for their software

Cloud-based mobile solution - provides the benefit of documenting from your office, hospital, treatment center, your home office, and just about anywhere with a single user profile, using a wide-range of Windows-based devices

Automatic updates - so you can be assured you are using the most up to date, and comprehensive version without spending your financial resources on IT services

Budget-friendly monthly subscription model - to help your practice stay on track, while staying on budget with predictable costs

Value is determined in a variety of ways, so let our team of solutions specialists show you the value of pairing AZZLY Rize with the power of the award-winning speech recognition solution Dragon Medical One. Better outcomes are the goal for your patients and our goal is to support you with the best tools for practice productivity. Reach out today via the contact info below and ask about our FREE trial offer! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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