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Improve the Accuracy of Your Orthopaedic Patient Documentation Using AI-Powered Speech Recognition

Orthopaedic surgeons and members of AAOS have found value implementing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in pre-operative planning for several years with strong results. The AI technology made available to medical practitioners over the last few years has proven invaluable in diagnosis, by improving the diagnostic accuracy and preventing errors and observer fatigue. “AI algorithms* have also been applied to various conditions, including the diagnosis of fractures, osteoarthritis and bone strength.”

With the success physicians have experienced using AI to diagnose and treat patients, it makes sense to use this proven technology to create more accurate notes and treatment plans using an AI-powered medical speech recognition solution. Our recommended solution is Nuance ® Dragon ® Medical One, the cloud-based solution made specifically for the healthcare industry, and customizable to meet the needs of the orthopaedic specialty vertical. The deep-learning AI algorithms are built into the solution to apply knowledge about grammar, specific language structure, and known voice inflections to create high-quality and customizable speech recognition documentation. The more the physician uses the solution, the more it “learns” how you speak, and thereby increases the accuracy over time.

Set up is fast and efficient, allowing users to be up and documenting right away. With Dragon Medical One, you create a single cloud-based voice profile that can be accessed across your practice’s clinical workflow, solutions, platforms, and other Windows® based devices.

For a true mobility solution, you can pair Dragon Medical One with PowerMic Mobile, to have even more freedom to dictate from virtually anywhere.

Learn more about how AI-powered Dragon Medical One can assist your orthopaedic practice to achieve higher accuracy in your patient documentation by visiting our website. With the cancellation of this year’s AAOS Annual Meeting, we have added some valuable resources for our orthopaedic clients to help them learn more about our recommended solutions and devices. Or you can reach out to one of our solution specialists for a customized session at, or by phone at 877-272-8280 or 866-977-3324.

*Han XG, Tian W. Artificial intelligence in orthopedic surgery: current state and future perspective. Chin Med J 2019;00:00–00. doi: 10.1097/CM9.0000000000000479


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