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Keep Patient Data Secure with HITRUST CSF-Certified Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

We recently held our second informative webinar focused on the security risks and vulnerabilities of using outdated software in your medical practice. Part of the issue with keeping software, hardware, and other devices secure, centers around understanding that outdated and unpatched systems are open and highly susceptible to cyber-attacks.

HITRUST CSF-Certified front-end speech recognition Dragon Medical One keeps patient data safe and secure

Once again, we partnered with senior HIPAA security expert Michael McCoy who discussed the process of conducting an organizational risk assessment and offered guidance on how to identify security risks and protect critical patient data. Critical mitigation activities are needed and necessary but can be a complicated process as each system is unique.

"More and more surveys being conducted show that patients are highly concerned about the safety of their medical data." Survey by the AMA

Recent updates to the HIPAA Security Rule were also discussed on our webinar, and the new guidelines include discouraging the use of unsupported software. A medical practice using software with no security updates will pose great security risks, which would be considered a HIPAA violation. In the webinar content we covered how to eliminate outdated/unsupported software from your practice.

With all the time spent within your practice’s EHR, along with the potential for a serious cyber-attack, we advise our clients to use Nuance Dragon Medical One (DMO), the #1 Best in KLAS, HITRUST CSF-Certified front-end speech recognition documenting solution. DMO assists physicians and clinicians in dictating and documenting up to 45% faster than typing and keeps patient data safe and secure via 256 bit encryption. Using your own voice to document reduces the time spent typing expansive notes into your EHR, as we speak up to 4x as fast as we type.

These are just a few benefits of using DMO at the right place in your practice’s workflow. We know it can help address and mitigate security issues your busy practice is facing, and ensure your practice is keeping patient data safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. There are many security and productivity benefits when you make the decision to add Dragon Medical One (DMO) into your clinical workflow.

Invest a small part of your day to view our latest webinar "Eliminating Outdated & Non-HIPAA Compliant Software" where guest speaker Michael McCoy expands on how you can keep your medical practice data safe and secure. Request the video link to view at a time that is most convenient for you.

Still deciding if Dragon Medical One is the right fit for your practice?

Vulnerability exists in older software, such as the no longer supported Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE). If you are still using a version of this legacy software, now is the perfect time to upgrade to Dragon Medical One. For a limited time, you can save 20% off a 1-year subscription to Dragon Medical One AND receive a FREE PowerMic 4! This offer is only valid until September 30, 2022, so reach out to our team to take advantage of this time sensitive offer! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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