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Learn About the Benefits of Migrating Your Practice to The CLOUD With Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Updated: May 1, 2023

Thousands of medical practices have leveraged the benefits of cloud technology since cloud-based Dragon Medical One (DMO) was launched in early 2016. The solution is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and the innovative infrastructure allows practices to utilize a virtual workstation in the cloud environment, enabling users to deploy their resources quickly and even work remotely. With the traditional boxed version of Dragon Medical no longer available, practices looking for a higher level of productivity and time savings are migrating to DMO.

Nuance is a leading pioneer in conversational AI technology and uses that built-in technology for the cloud-based version Dragon Medical One. DMO leverages that technology to utilize web databases allowing doctors and practitioners to access thousands of diagnostic resources. AI technology is helping physicians use data within their speech recognition software and their chosen practice EHR, to make decisions for better patient outcomes every day.

Some of the benefits physicians and clinicians are realizing by using our recommended #1 Best in KLAS solution include:

Easy to install with a single user profile - no need to create multiple profiles when using cloud technology

Works within your chosen EHR - for a fast efficient front-end speech recognition that is more than 99% accurate from the very first use

Updates are AUTOMATIC - ensuring you and your staff have access to the latest and most up to date software version without using costly IT resources

Mobile and flexible - for documenting outside of your office no matter where your day takes you, whether in your office, in the exam room, or on the go

Easy on your budget - with a predictable monthly subscription model with minimal upfront capital investment to help plan your budget

Time savings of up to 2 hours per day - when documenting, by using your voice vs typing

Maybe you need a little more information before making your decision?

Why not let our team of certified Dragon Medical Specialists educate you on the latest technology and benefits of implementing the most up to date, AI-powered solution during our FREE webinar on Wednesday, August 25th at 3pm EDT. Register TODAY to learn more about migrating to the cloud with Dragon Medical One.

Should Your Practice Upgrade to Dragon Medical One

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