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Learn How To Eliminate Outdated and Non-HIPAA Compliant Software in Our August Webinar

Safe, secure patient communication is essential in the field of human healthcare. As guidelines change and the requirements are revised, the Federal Government continues to update the HIPAA Security Rule, making it a high priority for medical practices to ensure they are compliant. Our experts at 1st-Dragon/CME stay up to date on these types of concerns that busy medical practices are dealing with every day. We have certified speech recognition specialists that consistently look for ways to help you focus on your patients and get more from your software usage. By implementing a HIPAA-compliant solution to your workflow, you can get and stay compliant and productive while still using your preferred practice management platform for patient documentation.

We have been experiencing an increase in the implementation of our recommended HIPAA-compliant cloud solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One all across the country as the HIPAA Security Rule guidelines are put in place. Using older outdated software can actually put your practice at risk, so we’ve put together a series of informational webinars to help you mitigate your risk. We’ve partnered with Senior HIPAA-Security expert Michael McCoy to walk us through the areas of risk your practice could be facing by using outdated and out-of-compliance software.

Keeping your patient documentation HIPAA compliant, as well as keeping your team productive, is an attainable goal when our solution specialists work with you to implement a speech recognition solution into just the right place in your clinical workflow. No expensive IT resources are required with our recommended single-voice profile solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One which was recently named the #1 Best in KLAS front end speech recognition solution again in 2022. While it is designed for speed, accuracy and mobility, it presents your clinicians with a resource to complete timely secure patient notes within your chosen practice EHR. Dragon Medical One continues to earn praise from physicians and clinicians as the top conversational AI speech recognition solution that is helping them deliver & document better patient care.

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