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Lower Investment and Higher Productivity with Nuance® Dragon Medical One

Smart Ambulatory Medical Practices Are Adding AI Powered Technology Into Their Workflows

While the benefits of AI technology are still being debated as becoming mainstream in the business realm, the human healthcare industry, one of the largest growing economies* in the nation, is taking full advantage of this exploding technology to make advances in patient care. AI research and the ensuing technology has increased significantly over the last 5-7 years, providing industries more accurate insight into potential outcomes.

When it comes to the healthcare vertical, physicians are finding that the technology provided by AI can help them gain valuable patient insights, reduce variables, help them manage the increase in patient health data, and eventually reduce practice costs. Using solutions, within their chosen EHR, like medical speech recognition, can assist in attaining these goals.

Speech recognition fills a much-needed space by allowing the user to speak rather than type, directly into the EMR fields. A solution that includes a high-level of medical terminology already built into the software increases productivity, and when you factor in up to a 98% accuracy right from the first use, it’s time-saving value skyrockets.

One of the cloud-based solutions we recommend to our physician users is Nuance® Dragon Medical One, for all of the above reasons, and more. This AI-powered solution requires less capital investment, demands fewer IT resources, takes up less space, and updates automatically resulting in significant cost-savings for practices and clinics without the time and staff to support on-premise installations.

A user profile setup only takes a few minutes, after initial installation, and then you can log in and begin dictating into your EHR right away. After a short time of dictation, you may begin to expand your vocabulary and create auto-texts, customizing your dictation experience. After that you can add step-by-step commands to provide an extra level of voice control and increased time savings. So, it’s easy to see how, with a lower initial investment, a medical practice can be highly productive in a very short time using this cloud-based, and AI-powered speech recognition solution.

When your practice is ready to explore higher productivity, contact our Solutions Specialists to schedule a demo or better yet, get your own FREE 7-day trial of Dragon Medical One, and test it out in your own work environment.

Call Now: 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280 or visit our Contact Us page.


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