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Medical Practices Bounce Back Faster After COVID-19 Using Productivity Tools with Their EHR

Significantly lower office revenues are being reported all over the country - a very real issue facing medical practices post Covid-19. Many offices are still operating in the red, faced with lower staff counts, and reduced overall office productivity as a result. As you start to bring your patients back in for regular office visits, the reduction in staff makes finding ways to increase productivity even more important than ever before. If we could show you how to save up to 2 hours a day for every hour of patient documentation, that would certainly help, wouldn’t it?

We work with hundreds of physicians and practice managers every year, who are managing independent practices, all looking to be more productive and increase overall revenue while maintaining the quality of healthcare standards. Our team continues to look for ways to help them improve their productivity with smart solutions using today’s available technology. One of those such tools was specifically created for medical professionals to assist with better documentation within an EMR/EHR - Nuance® Dragon® Medical One.

This solution continues to use the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology available with advanced learning capabilities that ensures a much higher office productivity when used with a practice’s chosen electronic health record solution. By creating a single voice profile, a physician can be up and running in minutes, using their own natural voice to document patient encounters. Speaking versus typing can yield an additional 2 hours per day on average, as we speak at least twice as fast as we can type. Those extra hours can be used to see more patients, increasing the opportunity for practice revenue.

Other benefits to using Dragon Medical One include:

  • Budget-friendly, monthly subscription-based model means little up-front capital expenditures, making it a smart solution for practices whose budgets have taken a hit recently

  • Cloud-based technology for automatic updates, and access to your profile from any Windows® based devices for better mobility

  • Built-in productivity tools to support a wide array of mobile productivity apps and give access to speech‑enabled workflows to increase the benefits to your practice

  • Accurately translates the doctor’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EMR/EHR

  • Recognizes clinical vocabulary and adapts to your voice, style of speaking and accent

All these benefits, and more, can help your medical practice bounce back faster from the health crisis by offering a fast and easy solution for a higher level of productivity.

When you are ready to implement speech recognition into your clinical workflows, please reach out to our solutions specialists using the contact information below. Our recommended solutions will help you bounce back from the red and move towards the black. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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