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Microsoft® Acquisition of Nuance® Is Good News for Healthcare Industry and Cloud-based AI Solutions

With the recent announcement by Microsoft about the acquisition of speech recognition solutions pioneer Nuance, “Microsoft has accelerated its efforts to provide industry-specific cloud offerings to support customers and partners as they respond to disruption and new opportunities”. (Nuance) The capabilities provided by this new collaboration will advance the development of new ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, which are proving to be the driving force behind today’s efficiencies in healthcare. Using data from these types of technologies within their speech recognition software and their chosen practice EHR, physicians continue to make their practices more productive every day.

Microsoft® Acquisition of Nuance® Is Good News for Healthcare Industry and Cloud-based AI Solutions

Nuance solutions are currently used by more than 55% of physicians in the U.S. with cloud-based, AI-powered Dragon® Medical One implementations soaring since its launch in early 2016. Many innovative physician organizations are leveraging the AI and Deep Learning (DL) technology of Dragon Medical One (DMO), to gain new insights from patients' data. This data is being used to improve patient care and enable physicians to treat their patients more efficiently when analyzing information such as:

How infections are tracked or prevented

Which medications are ordered for each patient

Uncovering potential drug interactions

Find commonalities and patterns in patient’s EMR documentation

Developing integrated treatment plans

With the advancements in healthcare technology comes the need for a process that can keep up with the required secure HIPAA-compliant communication. When used within the practice’s EHR, DMO provides that security as a HITRUST CSF‑certified solution using Microsoft Azure servers with 256-bit encryption channels.

DMO also comes with built-in productivity tools and access to speech‑enabled workflows in supported mobile productivity apps, at no additional cost. This includes Dragon Medical Clinical Calculators, which easily compute various scores within a user‑friendly interface. Dragon Medical One Analytics offers a self‑service portal that provides utilization data, and peer benchmarking tracking to ensure your clinicians are using the solution efficiently and can even help with the design of action plans for improvement.

The PowerMic III microphone is recommended to make the #1 Best in KLAS front-end solution even easier to use, or simply download the PowerMic Mobile App to use your smartphone as a microphone for more mobility and flexibility in completing your patient documentation.

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